Staff Golf Bags – Largest class

Largest class bags

There are varieties of the golf bags available in the market. The staff bags are one of the golf bags which are the largest class in the golf bags. They are seen carried by the assistants and the caddies of the professionals and the high level amateur players. They are of same size or larger than the cart bags and usually they have single shoulder strap. They contain large amount of storage space which help to store the equipments and other valuables as well. They also contain the spare attire and has the large logo brand designed.

The staff golf bags are very much heavy and you should only opt for them if you have the caddy at your disposal. The caddy is needed who can carry the staff bag all the time while you are golfing. It is like an assistant carrying the golf bag. The golf bag is usually of 8 to 12 inches in diameter and it is really heavy in weight. They are designed such that it can hold the full 14 club set. It is also able to handle all the accessories which a golfer may need. The staff bags are made up of the leather material and they have the permanent logo designed on the side of the bag.


Professional players

There are many of the professional golfers who use the staff bags and they are of high price range. The high price range is available against the features that are provided by the staff bags. The staff golf bags can also be referred as the tour bags. The staff bags are considered at the top level in case of the golf bags. The staff bags are the one which is used by professionals when on tour. The staff bags are of high quality and thus the companies who produce the staff golf bags have the logo printed n the bags.

The staff bags are thought of like the luxury sedans of the big and roomy golf bags. They are luxurious and heavy as well. If you don’t have your personal caddy then it is difficult for you to handle the staff bags as it has extra weight. The staff bags are the golf bags which usually has the weight of 10 pounds. They have all the features but they lack in terms of lightness. They are of high quality material, have great storage space and are worth for the tours but they are heavy at the same time.


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